Our Curriculum based Montessori Method


English is the standard form of communication worldwide and is also seen as the business language. We study any language – we need to have a way to articulate the things we need and desire in the future. A child who is now at his early age has a high capability in English makes his future integrated, safe and successful. Writing Letters, poems, stories, speaking in the public events, classroom discussion and educational tour expose their wisdom and enhance their knowledge.


Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our every day lives, and contributes to the wealth of an individual and his country. People get a lot of job opportunity such as to be an engineer, accounts, businessman, etc, through intelligence in calculation. From basic addition to highest multiplication have been introduce in their advanced learning which includes the solving and making words problems.


Science helps the children to develop their knowledge about our environment, body and other things that involves the science. Our child gains confidence to achieve their ambitions to be a professional doctor, nurses, medical aids, scientists, etc, through this subject. We do actual experiment in the class and conduct actual observation with the environment and interaction of human behavior and ideas to get the precise facts.


The computer and its related technologies are such an integral part of everyday life that it must be an ingredient in educating for participation in present and future society. A very method of teaching – classroom discussion and hands on, makes them fully equipped on technologies and internet surfing. This makes them confident to face the modern era of their generation and prepare their career in the future to be belonged in the universal technologies.


Mandarin is one of language in the worldwide. We teach children from beginning to study the basic daily language of Mandarin. It has many kinds of word and meaning that the children have to recognise and understand.


This subject is considered important in relation to teach the children to be patriotic of our country. They are taught how to love the country by being proud of our own products, cultures and traditions.They are encouraged also to serve the country from now and then on. One of those basic activities that they do is to help the community services at home and at school, visit our museums and local offices. They have the principle of serve your country first so your country will serve you.


Language and graphical communication are very important aspects of Mathematics learning, however, it would be very difficult for the children to in a foreign language. Matematika teaching will help the children fully understand the concept in numbers. All of the methods are most likely the same with Mathematics, it just matters in language.

Bahasa Indonesia

Though we are said to be a foreign language school, we never forget to mold our children to be patriotic of our own country, to serve and love our native tongue. They are trained to write stories, poem and history of our country – Indonesia.


IPA is a reflection of Science which involves the understanding of the present world. We provide this subject to have a clearer view of their lessons. We do most likely the same method in Science which have classroom experiments, outdoor observation and actual interaction with our environment.